Wines for Valentine's Day

Now that we are so close to February, it would be the best time to focus on the next holiday, Valentine's Day. Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or you prefer the traditional Romanian Dragobete, you can enjoy a bottle of wine in the company of your loved one. The chosen assortment of course depends on the circumstances, so let's see what it would be worthwhile to focus on, in general.

 A romantic dinner

Romantic dinner MYWONDERWINE

If you choose the two-course dinner, you will have two options: either a meal at the restaurant, in which case you must not forget the reservations for that evening, or a dinner at home.

In the first case when it comes to choosing the wine you can rely on the recommendations of the waiter or sommelier.

In the second situation, you can follow the rules of the association between wine and food that we discussed in detail in previous articles.

An additional recommendation would be for this occasion to focus in principle on red or rose wines, whose color "matches" thematically with Valentine's Day. Otherwise, the assortment depends on your personal tastes as well as the chosen menu.

Unlike other festive events, when it comes to Valentine’s Day or the Romanian Dragobete, it may be better to choose a single wine assortment to share with your loved one. Thus, that wine will always be associated in memory with the evening spent together.

A wine for two


If you have decided to give up dinner and simply enjoy a glass or a bottle of wine in a more intimate setting, the choice of assortment should be made according to your personal tastes as well as those of your partner. This of course does not mean that you cannot experiment with a variety that you have not tried before, although there is a risk that the chosen variety will not be to the liking of both. As long as you know exactly what your partner's tastes are, you can choose a wine of the same variety or a wine that is close in taste. You can always use an online app to find reviews of a particular wine and get an idea of ​​what other options you have.

As mentioned before, red and rose wines come first when it comes to Valentine's Day. If your preferences are more towards red wines, here is a whole range to choose from. Ideally, the choice made should be to the liking of both.

For example, if your loved one is not passionate about wine, you can opt for a lighter assortment, possibly semi-dry or semi-sweet. There are many wines that are somewhere on the border between these two categories. They are often preferable to sweet or dry wines, which can sometimes be more difficult to appreciate for those without experience in the field.

Wine and chocolate

Wine with chocolate MYWONDERWINE

As you well know, this combination has long been associated with the idea of ​​Valentine's Day, which is the standard gift. Although usually the favorite wine is sparkling wine or champagne, depending on the possibilities, the truth is that there are countless associations between wine and chocolate and these are made depending on the type of chocolate chosen.

For example, bitter chocolate combines excellently with Porto wine. For milk chocolate you can opt for a Pinot Noir, preferably one from a later harvest. Strawberry chocolate goes well with sweet red sparkling wines.

There are some general rules for finding the perfect match between the two. First of all, the wine must be as sweet as chocolate. Secondly, you can focus on the color: the darker the chocolate (the darker it is), the more you will go in the direction of red wines. You can also consider not only the taste but also the texture of the chosen chocolate.

At the moment you can find enough specialty stores, both in physical locations and online where you can buy chocolate varieties whose range covers all tastes.

Starting from this, you can choose a wine that suits you. Of course, you should always consider the preferences of your loved one. What is certain is that you can explore different combinations between the two products until you find your favorite option.

What kind of wine do you prefer?


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