It is typical to order exactly what you want at a bar or restaurant.

There are times when a cold beer is welcomed, but let's see what the positive and negative impact is on health when it comes to choosing between a glass of beer and a glass of wine.

Positive factors of alcohol consumption

Moderate alcohol consumption has beneficial effects on your health. Here we must insist on the word moderate. There are countless scientific studies that have shown the link between wine consumption, especially red wine, and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Wine contains a substance called resveratrol that helps prevent blood clots. Beer has a beneficial effect on the bone system and prevents the formation of kidney stones. So it seems that each drink comes with their own advantage.

Nutrition and diets - Wine or beer?

When it comes to the number of extra pounds, we can say that beer has an "advantage". In terms of number of calories, the two drinks are quite close, the differences being tiny. On the other hand, beer is consumed in much larger quantities which leads to rapid weight gain, especially due to the number of carbohydrates, and some variants of beer produced in so-called microbreweries may have twice the calories of a regular beer. If, for example, you have decided to follow a diet such as "keto", which focuses on minimizing carbohydrate intake, then beer is not an option.

On the other hand, wine does not present such risks. A glass or two, whether we are talking about red wine or white wine, is not a significant contribution.

Here comes another aspect: wine is a drink that is drunk slowly. The goal is to taste the flavour, not to quench your thirst. Slower consumption allows the body enough time to process the alcohol in the blood, which reduces the risk of long-term health complications caused by alcohol.

Studies show that, due to the beneficial effects on the heart and cardiovascular system, moderate consumption of wine (1-2 glasses per day) effectively prolongs life. No wonder, since heart disease is the number one cause of death globally.

Negative factors of alcohol consumption

When it comes to beer or wine, the negative health factors are caused by excessive consumption. Moderate consumption brings you the benefits mentioned above, but, exceeding the recommended amounts, especially for longer periods of time not only cancels out these benefits but also causes dozens of problems associated with alcoholism, from physical ailments to mental problems caused by addiction.

In conclusion...

Both beer and wine have their own advantages and beneficial effects on the body, from strengthening the cardiovascular system to preventing diseases associated with aging. From a diet point of view, wine has an advantage over beer due to the slightly lower consumption, the lower number of carbohydrates and the way the drink is usually enjoyed (we are talking here not only about the slower pace but also about the fact that wine is generally consumed at the table, along with food).

Of course, in the end the choice is yours. We only recommend you to try a glass of our wine with friends and give this traditional drink a try.

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