How do we choose a good wine?...

Wine can be an excellent accompaniment to a delicious meal, so it is good to experiment until you find the right taste. And, to help you, we have prepared an article with tips on choosing wine.

Why is wine so important?

Wine has become a very important part of the meal (especially dinner), not only because it tastes good and, in moderate amounts, it is very healthy, but also because a suitable wine can even improve the flavour of food.

What are the most important factors in choosing wine?

Consistency. A wine with a strong taste should be associated with foods with rich and strong flavours. Otherwise, you risk that the taste of the wine will "cover" that of the food.

Flavour. Sweet wines go very well with desserts and main dishes with a sweet aroma, while more acidic, dry wines go better with spicy sauces, salad dressings and salty foods. Bitter wines counteract the bitter taste of more sour foods. It is also a good idea to make sure that the aroma of the wine is a little stronger than the one of the food. Otherwise, the wine will seem to be a little sour. For example, do not serve a very sweet dessert with a semi-sweet wine.

Alcohol. Usually, the lower the alcohol content of a wine, the more suitable they are to accompany a meal.

In general, it is better to associate wines with foods with the same characteristics (sweet wines with sweet foods, bitter wines with salty foods, etc.). This also applies to the colour of the food and wine: combine white wines with white meats and red wines with red meat. Most red wines contain a bitter element, called tannin, which goes better with fatter, red meats (pork, beef).

Last advice..

Match the wine with your guests. You may think that a good Riesling goes with your seafood menu, but if your guests only drink red wine, they will not enjoy your choice. So pay attention to the people who will drink the wine before you choose it.

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