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Nikolaos Red is obtained from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes selected from plots founded in 2006 and in which clay is predominant. The grapes were harvested by hand, and the fermentation took place only with wild yeasts. It is a fine, velvety wine, with notes of black currants, tanned leather, chocolate and earth after rain. The predominant taste is black fruit, complemented by notes of dark chocolate. This wine has a limited stock every year due to its special taste and has won 94 Decanter score


Mirachi Cabernet Sauvignon impresses with an intense red color, with violet hues. Once tried, Mirachi will impress you with its aromas. The Romanian Mirachi Cabernet Sauvignon wine stands out for its taste of rotten cherries and currants, with a well-integrated woodiness, firm tannins with medium acidity, delicately spiced on the finish and with an intense aftertaste.


De Histria Red Wine, a blend between Feteasca Neagra and Cabernet Sauvignon, a Romanian Wine that has a ruby red appearance, with violet accents. It stands out for the complex smell of black currants and cherries enriched with woody notes. the taste is strong, of black cherries and blackberries, with high tannins. The wine can be consumed now, but it also has the potential to age for another 5-6 years in the bottle, to enrich and refine its bouquet.


Ammos Red is a blend obtained from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with a deep ruby ​​red appearance, with purplish hues. It is distinguished by elegant aromas of black fruits, complemented by vanilla and oak valences. Floral aromas, complemented with light oak valences. The taste is intense and complex, of red and black fruits and strongly spiced and enriched with a whole spectrum of woody aromas and delicate shades of coffee. 

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