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Nikolaos Bundle

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NIKOLAOS translates to “the one who rules the people” (Greek) and it is a manifest brand. It is the wine that speaks of the vine, of the grape. Vinified only with wild yeasts, without oenological interventions, this brand shows the full potential of the plantation, the area, the terroir. That is why the Terroir de Dobrogea appears on the label.

A bundle created with love containing 3 special Romanian Wines, a Sauvignon Blanc with a medium body, fresh, light, in which the grapefruit aroma predominates, completed at the end with mineral notes (Nikolaos White), a Cabernet Sauvignon that has a limited stock every year due to its special taste and has won 94 Decanter score (Nikolaos Red) and a Cabernet Sauvignon wine with a medium body, fresh, light, in which the grapefruit aroma predominates, completed at the end with mineral notes (Nikolaos Rose).

Each of them has a special story and will offer you a complex of tastes and feelings to share with your family and friends.


Customer Reviews

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Antonia Papachryandthou
Just bought this morning ...

Just bought this morning the Nikolaos bundle - and guewss what - we received the pack 30 min ago! Wow! Also just opened the rose one and is really nice, smooth and I would say a perfect summer wine to enjoy on the terrace with wind softly blowing! Made us think of summer! Will order again for sure! Well done team!!! <3

Florin Petcu
I Love Nikolaos wine collection

I enjoy the Nikolaos wine collection and every time I have a family event I definitely order it.

Monica Panta
MyWonderWine - taste and quality

I have ordered some bottles of wines for a special event and indeed was the right choice! The MyWonderWine Team is very responsive - the delivery time was short and the wine has exceeded the expectation. Our guests were very pleased by the taste and they definitely will be ones of the many customers of MyWonderWine! Good job and keep up the excellent work that you're doing!

Amazing taste

Amazing taste, soo good. I would recommend 100% this wines to anyone who like quality wine. Red, white or rose, they all have wonderful tastes. I loved them all.

Great tasting wines

Purchased the Nikolaos wines based on previous reviews and was delighted with my choices. Lovely, smooth and well balanced flavours.
Not to mention, I received the wine in only a few hours after placing the order on their website. A big Thank you to My Wonder Wine team, keep up the good work!
Would definitely recommend your wines and will order again!