Wines depending on the season

Unlike other drinks such as beer, when it comes to choosing wine, several factors must be taken into account, depending on personal circumstances and tastes. We talked about the association of wine with food and about the rules that must be followed to obtain the maximum of flavour and aromas, both of the wine and of the chosen menu. However, there are certain trends in wine depending on the season, choices influenced both by the weather outside and by changes in diet throughout the year. We can thus define the selection of wines between the hot and the cold season.

Cold season

In the autumn-winter period, red wines prevail. If during the hot season the emphasis is on refreshing wines that quench the thirst, with the arrival of the cold season the selection will change, focusing on wines that will warm us and that will match the typical seasonal dishes.

The options are a bit more limited when it comes to rose or white wines, which doesn't mean you can't find a variety of wine to suit your taste. A Dry Riesling or Pinot Gris can be associated very well with the "heavier" dishes, typical of the cold season.

Red wines dominate this period, especially when it comes to food. Whether we are talking about a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot, a strong red wine with complex aromas is the perfect companion for winter-specific red meat dishes.

As we discussed earlier, the winter holidays also have their wine options, where red wine varieties are in high demand. Sparkling wine is traditional for the passing of the years and in Romania we have, of course, countless mulled wine recipes (from the classic versions with apples, citrus and cinnamon to the most "exotic" with peppercorns and pineapple) that apply exclusively to red wines.

The cold season makes us turn our attention to strong wines, rich in tannins, which will set the blood in motion.

Warm season

The arrival of spring means first of all the transition from the typical winter diet, where meat, especially pork, is the main element, to a more balanced diet. With the appearance of greens on the market, the daily menu diversifies. More importantly, the changes in temperature with the arrival of heat also have an effect on the choice of wine.

Leaving aside for a moment the association between wine and food, let's see what would be the best types of wine in the hot season. Although in general, white wines are considered to be more "light", so more suitable for the warm season, in all categories of wines there are exceptions and colour should not be a choice criterion. In the warm season we focus on refreshing wines with fruit aromas. Here we have countless options of white or rose wines but also red variants such as some varieties of Pinot Noir, Merlot or Shiraz. We are primarily looking for wines that can be served at lower temperatures. Also, in the hot season we can include sparkling wines. Although we usually associate these with celebrating an event, nothing stops you from consuming them regularly. Although in general in Romania, the warm season is synonymous with terrace beer, a properly chilled sparkling wine can successfully replace it. As I said, the important thing in choosing wine is to follow the criteria of taste, not the colour. Red, white or rose, a refreshing wine with fruity aromas is the best option, so you have selections for all tastes and regardless of the chosen menu.

The association of wine with food

As mentioned before, both in the hot and cold seasons we can find suitable wines from all colour categories. Outside temperature does not mean that we can ignore the rules of association between wine and food. They prevail regardless of the situation. The advantage here is that by following the general rules you can experiment with different combinations of wine and food. In summer you have red wine variants that go well with pork or beef but at the same time are cool enough for the weather outside. The same principle applies to the cold season. The chosen menu generally dictates the type of wine but the range of varieties available leaves you enough room for choice. In any case, when it comes to wine, experiencing different combinations of tastes is practically the most pleasant part for a lover of this drink. A glass of your favourite wine is a joy, regardless of the weather outside.


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